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Blade’s Background

Born in the Armenian quarter of Iran, Blade came to London aged 7. Within months of arriving, he felt the effect of the Islamic revolution back home. Unable to send money out of the country, Blade’s family could no longer support him. So, with no money, no family, alone in a strange country, Blade’s self-reliance and determination were all he had to see him through. The microphone, the studio and the stage provided his only release.

Other Interests and My Family

In my spare time I decided to hone my web skills whilst writing short stories and three novels. In 2014, I left my role in the public sector and set off around the world with my wife taking in such incredible places like Australia and New Zealand. I created a travel blog during our adventure called Travels Over Tribulations which has been very successful. I have a son, Sam, who lives in Nottingham, and an 9 year old miniature schnauzer, Taz!

Professional Life

In late 2015, I decided to become a freelance web developing and was introduced to my first client in January 2016. Since then, I have created and supported all the sites that you see on my portfolio page. I have met some amazing people through this role and love to hear about new or re-vitalised business ventures. I look at your businesses entire digital presence online and know some great tricks to place your brand in front of new customers.
I am a big fan of open-source software like Inkscape which is similar to Adobe’s Illustrator program. I use this to create logo’s and banners for web sites: it’s an excellent tool. I also use Blender which is a mind blowing tool used by many graphic designers and animators to create welcome videos such as the one that visitors see when they visit the homepage of Web Design ProI enjoy the one to one relationship with my clients and believe in providing a great service from the beginning of the project to the end

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